July 23, 2018

Support local. Know your farmer. Eat local, whenever possible.

Sound familiar? All buzzwords we are used to hearing lately. 

These are also all reasons why Local County exists. Our mission has always been to "Connect local producers with local buyers".

We believe that people value connection with their local community. They want to make smart consumer decisions while having meaningful experiences. For example, the 2018 Local County summer u-pick guide was created to give some ideas for those asking the question "where can I find a good u-pick to visit in the Edmonton area?" 

If "living locally" is important to you, the Local County website is a place to start to introduce you to some great local farmers, artists, producers, creatives.

Life is pretty full of noise and advertising, and "living locally" can feel like a noble but unattainable goal, but like other major life changes it just requires small steps to begin.  

One customer googled "Fresh e...

July 14, 2018

When you think of saskatoon pie, do childhood memories come back to you? The flavour is so nostalgic to me it is more of a feeling than something to be able to describe. This time of year saskatoons are in season both in the wild and more and more available as a u-pick fruit at many beautiful farms in the Edmonton area. 

I was first introduced to saskatoon pie by my grandma who lived on a small acreage tucked away along the North Saskatchewan river right in Edmonton. The berries grew around their property, and exploring and foraging for saskatoons and later highbush cranberries are among my fondest memories. 

Saskatoon pie was the first kind of pie my cousins and I ever attempted to bake together; of course it involved more than a few phone calls to grandma to make sure we got the recipe right. 

Over the years the original recipe has adapted to include some tips from my mother-in-law and other recipe books and varied in combination with both rhubarb and/or honeyberries...

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Is there anything more Albertan than Saskatoon pie?

July 14, 2018

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